Lander Page

Welcome. This is the Cluster Enclosure’s landing page from it’s Kickstarter project site. Hosted here in the virtual underground bunker that is Notionovus’ virtual HQ. Magic, if it were real, would be happening here.

At this site you will get a slightly more off-the-cuff rundown of events associated with the Cluster Enclosure. Consider this a tour backstage, where musings that are not yet ready for the big show on the Kickstarter website are tossed around and refined into official status updates.

Around here you might hear me blame elves for a late shipment from a supplier or use local climate change as an excuse for failure to get expected test results back from a benchmark. In other words, this landing page is where you can get a more candid, unabridged play-by-play on what’s going on behind the scenes of the Cluster Enclosure’s Kickstarter campaign.

2FT 30AWG Cat5e 350MHz UTP Flat Ethernet Bare Copper Network Cable - Black

2FT 30AWG Cat5e 350MHz UTP Flat Ethernet Bare Copper Network Cable – Black

Monoprice Item #: 9546

For example, I just got a shipment of these in from Monoprice. I am hoping that these cables will be more flexible and easier to work with than the patch cables used in the campaign picture. If they are, and if they survive the rigors of the test suite I have planned for them, then I might post an updated photo on the Kickstarter site. But you, lucky reader, are aware of the effort to identify a more flexible, less bulky patch cable to connect all the devices together. It’s almost like inside information, except for the facts that a) Notionovus isn’t a publicly traded company and b) this website is only visible to anyone¬†on the internet with a web browser.

I’ll be posting updates about my Kickstarter on a semi-weekly basis on the Kickstarter page. Look for more frequent and unabridged updates here.