Status Update

The Kickstarter campaign is going so strongly that I think I’m changing its name to the Bramble Box project. I failed to raise the requisite funding in Kickstarter, but I have invested enough money and time into the creation of the equipment that it doesn’t make sense to stop when all that remains is the creation of a repeatable process to create and sell the kits.

Notionovus has moved into office space at:

Street Address of New Office

The address is spoofed because I don’t want web crawlers picking it up and sending me catalogs for “realistic” designer handbags, business print mail marketing brochures, or whatever else passes for spam in the snail mail universe.

I have found a new favorite toy. SketchUp is 3-D modeling software for people on a budget (like yours truly). I think I’ll be using it to quickly generate graphics for blog posts, so you may see some of my artwork adorning the notionovus weblog.

Less than 60 Seconds using  SketchUp.
Less than 60 Seconds using SketchUp.

I believe in communication. You might say that I’m down right religious about it. Which doesn’t mean I’m good at it. What I mean to say is that I treat communication like a religion. I have the ultimate faith that it is the most important thing in the world, I think about it regularly, and I talk about it to anyone who will listen. However, I just don’t practice it as often and well as I should.

Take this web log for instance. I am dusting off the cobwebs here to make room for new content, but it has been neglected for over four months. I am ashamed. I need to do a much better job. I know better than to let my content get away from me like that. Now, please excuse me while I atone for my transgressions.

Until next time, thanks for tuning in.